How can I use Nebulb on a Mac?

Currently Nebulb is only available natively for Windows, i.e. there is no Mac version.

That said, it is perfectly possible to use Nebulb on a Mac using a virtual machine such as Parallels Desktop.

It is true that Nebulb on a Mac is slower than on a PC directly, but, despite this, there are many users who are compensated for all that Nebulb brings them and are already using this software on a Mac.

In addition, there is a version of Nebulb optimized for Windows 11 ARM64 (which is the Windows that can be installed on Macs with M series processors (M1, M2 or M3)) so that with this version Nebulb runs lighter on a new Mac.

In summary, the best way to be able to use Nebulb on a Mac is:

  1. You install Parallel Desktop on your computer. This software also has a trial period, but if you already have a license you can enter it as soon as you install it.
  2. Once installed you will get a wizard that will ask you if you want to automatically install Windows 11 on Parallels Desktop.
  3. Once the installation of Windows 11 is finished you will be able to install on it any application for Windows (like Nebulb).
  4. When you finish installing Windows you will get a window to enter the Windows license key. Nevertheless, if in those moments you do not have it still it doesn’t matter, you can buy it later and introduce it later without problems. However, while you do not introduce it you will have a Windows without license, which is not advisable.
  5. In case your Mac has an M series processor, you should install the version of Nebulb for Windows 11 ARM64, since it works faster than the version for x64 processors.
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Updated on 8 de January de 2024