How many images are needed for stacking?

This depends mainly on the noise level of your camera and the amount of light pollution you need to reduce.

As a general rule:

  • Higher noise → More images for stacking.
  • More light pollution → More images for stacking.

That said, I have found empirically that (to get a good shot of the galactic center of the Milky Way) stacking about 15 minutes of pictures is more than enough to reduce noise tremendously and therefore be able to apply a lot of light pollution reduction without noise being an impediment to it.

For example, if you set an exposure time of 10 seconds (that’s 6 images per minute) you would have about 90 images for stacking.

Personally, for photographing the Milky Way I usually stack between 75 and 150 images (depending on whether I set a little more or a little less exposure time). But I move in that range of images.

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Updated on 8 de January de 2024