Is it possible to integrate a human figure into the resulting image?

If you want to use a specific image for the ground (with different lighting and capture parameters or even with a human figure) you can import it into Nebulb as “Master image” and then select it as the image for the ground.

In the following screenshot you can see it:

And in case the master image includes some element that was not in the rest of the images used for stacking (like, for example, a human figure protruding above the horizon) you can do the following:

1. Select the master image in the image selection drop-down below.

2. Edit the mask for the sky, excluding non-sky objects in that image (such as a person posing).

3. Refresh the sky mask.

Once this is done, select the “Aligned stars (sky) + Master image (ground)” image again and you will see the sky resulting from the stacking together with the ground of the master image.

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Updated on 8 de January de 2024