Is it possible to make panoramas with Nebulb?

We start from the assumption that Nebulb is not a software for matching panoramas, so in order to assemble the final image it will be necessary to use a software specialized in the creation of panoramas.

That said, it is true that Nebulb can be used to process the different shots that make up the final panoramic image.

For this, the most convenient way to use Nebulb is to apply a small stacking for each of the shots of the panorama, so that it is possible to reduce noise and light pollution.

And then the final panorama assembly is made from the processed and exported Nebulb images.

That is:

1. Each of the shots is stacked and processed in Nebulb.

2. The panorama is assembled in a software specialized in this.

And as for the number of images that it is convenient to capture for each of the shots, it is usually sufficient to make small capture sequences of between 3 and 5 minutes for each of the shots.

Obviously, the more images captured for each shot, the more noise will be reduced and the more light pollution can be reduced, but on the other hand, the more the sky will move between each shot of the panorama. And precisely for this last reason it is a good compromise to make small stacks of about 5 minutes of captures for each of the shots.

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Updated on 11 de January de 2024