Why can meteors appear ahead of some area on the ground?

It may seem curious that Nebulb can represent meteors (or any other flying object) in front of something on the ground (like a tree or a tower, for example), but it has a very simple explanation.

The issue is related to the fact that Nebulb calculates the alignment of the stars for all images, thanks to which it is then able to leave the meteors aligned according to the sky (radiant) for any time of the night.

And this is precisely the explanation for this, since, by aligning the meteors for a time of the night different from the time they fell, it is possible that at that time of the night that part of the sky was just behind some object (such as a tree) so that Nebulb (with good judgment) indicates that in that place is where the meteor should be (because there behind is the area of the sky in which it fell).

If you add to this that the sky mask may not be well defined and includes part of the ground as if it were sky, then Nebulb will represent the meteors on that area (because he considers that it is sky as it is included in the sky mask).

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Updated on 11 de January de 2024